Victoria Beckham Beauty : a brand overview

Victoria Beckham – a name synonymous with understated style, success, modern silhouettes, the Uber-chic and of course The Spice Girls. VB, in my eyes, is a total badass who consistently stays true to her vision. After her hugely successful collaboration with Estee Lauder, Victoria launched her own line, Victoria Beckham Beauty, in September 2018 in partnership with Sarah Creal. Since the launch, I have been trying a few things here and there and I think I have enough in my collection to give you a bit of a brand overview and my overall thoughts.

I want to start by looking at the ethos of the brand and what they stand for. This is always really important for me because I like to know who I support and if our values align. This female-founded brand is about luxury, “clean” formulas (more about that later), sustainability and high performance. It’s for “the modern individual who lives life on-the-move and to the fullest”.

When I hear the words “clean beauty” I immediately cringe because the idea of it is rooted in marketing and fear-mongering. I think there is a way to provide consumers with these “clean” options without the fear factor. I’m happy to say that although VBB mention that their ingredients are “clean + lean” they really don’t push it. It’s mentioned on their website very concisely but in their marketing I think they really seem to focus on the quality of the product and the brand experience.

The range has certainly grown since the first launch and it now boasts cheek, eye and lip products plus skincare in collaboration with Augustinus Bader. I have tried a little bit from each category so let’s get into the reviews.


The Future Lash Mascara was my #1 mascara for 2021 and I think it’s one of the standout products from the range. It is really rare for me to find a mascara that doesn’t smudge and flake with my hooded eyes and oily eyelids so when I find one as good as Future Lash, I keep repurchasing it. Housed in weighty black glass packaging, it has a skinny curved wand which reaches all the lashes with ease. The effect it gives my lashes is fluttery volume, but a natural non-spidery look. I like its versatility and that I can amplify the volume with an extra coat. No flaking, smudging or clumping to be seen. To remove it is easy, I just use warm water and it comes off similar to a tubing mascara. It’s available in black but I would love to see them come out with a brown shade too.

I’m not one to fawn over glittery eyeshadow but I have been dipping my toes into this category lately starting with the Lid Lustre in Chiffon, described as a reflective champagne shade with gold and multi-color pearl. I really like the formula and the packaging, but the shade doesn’t translate onto my eyes quite the same as on my arm, or on the website. It’s much more icy on my eyes so I have to make sure to use a warm eyeshadow underneath or I end up looking like Elsa. Overall, the quality is amazing so I’m keen to try the Honey shade next.

I have previously tried the Satin Kajal Liner in Bordeaux which was a gorgeous shade but I found it too smudgy for my eyes. It would end up transferring under my eyes as well and I just got really tired of that so I sent it to makeup heaven. I would be open to trying it again now that I have a hardcore eye primer in my stash as I do think that would help it to stick.


I haven’t shown you a photo of the inside of my Matte Bronzing Brick (Shade #2) because I’ve hit pan and it’s not looking too photogenic. It’s my favourite bronzer of all time, by a mile. I don’t use many powder products but this one, despite being matte, looks so creamy and luminous on me. I love that it has two shades in the pan so that I can mix depending on my skin tone at the time. I generally tend to mix the two for my perfect shade and use the darker one as eyeshadow too. The tortoise-shell styled packaging is so luxurious but best of all, it’s refillable.

One of VBB’s more recent launches were the Cheeky Posh Cream Blushes in five shades. I picked up the shade Playground because the colour description just called out to me. It is described as a mid-tone terracotta nude and honestly, it’s the blush that I reach for the most these days. Not only is the earthy shade very flattering, the formula is so easy to work with and to blend. It comes in a wind up stick format and the size is a lot smaller than other stick blushes. I actually prefer this size and the precision it offers. It feels velvety but creamy, and due to its waterproof nature it has amazing longevity. Paired with the Matte Bronzing Brick it’s *chef’s kiss*.


VBB have four lip product categories now which includes lipstick, lip liner, lip tint and lip gloss (just a clear one at the moment). I’ve tried all but the last one so let me tell you what I thought.

Posh Lipstick comes in 14 shades which are mostly on the nude spectrum with a few bright shades thrown in for balance. I just have two of the nude shades in my collection which are Pose (a mid-tone mauve) and Spice (a mid-tone ginger). It is very rare that I find a nude that actually works for me and doesn’t make me look like a corpse so I think I can safely say that VBB have designed these shades impeccably. I have a few more shades on my list because I really enjoy the formula and finish. Upon application it feels so creamy and it imparts a bit of shine to the lips. Once it’s settled in it feels light-weight and the shine fades a little to a satin finish. A petite bullet ensures precise application and beautiful ingredients actually moisturise and give lips a little bit more than just gorgeous colour.

Lip Definer lipliner is available in 7 shades including 6 nudes to suit all skin tones (for real). I have shade 2 which is described as a neutral beige brown for light to medium lip tones. It’s a pencil which requires sharpening but you do get one when you order the pencil which is very handy (you can also opt to not have a sharpener sent so there is no wastage). I sound like a broken record but the formula is so good. It’s just the right amount of creamy and stiff, it’s waterproof so it really doesn’t budge and I haven’t had any feathering. It keeps an edge really well and works beautifully with the Posh Lipsticks.

Bitten Lip Tint is perhaps a more polarising product that I’ve heard mixed reviews about. It comes in three shades and I have two – Amour and Bisou. Amour is my favourite, a sheer nude peach that has a lovely amount of warmth. Perfectly paired with the Playground cream blush. Bisou is a shade I don’t reach for as much as it is a bit too brown and cool toned on my lips, despite being described as a rich berry. Remember everyone’s lips have different amounts of pigment and sheer lip products will look different on everyone. My experience with the gel formula has overall been very positive, as long as I make sure that my lips are exfoliated and moisturised. This might be too much fuss for some people so I thought I’d put it out there – preparation is required. What I love most about this lip stain is that it’s non drying, mask friendly and long lasting.


My day job as an interior designer means that I look at packaging design very closely. VBB have created a beautiful packaging story with the abstracted tortoiseshell design and weighty components. It screams luxury, but in an understated and chic way. I love the fusion of classic and modern that can be appreciated by all ages and tastes. Each order comes with a canvas makeup bag which I love to use for all manner of things but I do wish there was an option to not have the bag sent because I really do have plenty of them now.

In conclusion, I can’t speak more highly of Victoria Beckham Beauty. If you’re after luxury, high performance makeup but want to try something a little different to the department store brands, then I highly recommend that you check it out.

– Sanida


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