Why I’m reviving my blog

Hello and welcome!

I’m Sanida and in May 2017 I started a blog called Fluke Beauty. I posted every week and soon my readership grew to 3000 unique visitors per month and everything was going great. Except that I noticed I was getting much more joy from engaging with fellow beauty lovers on Instagram and my desire to continue my weekly posting schedule dwindled.

So why have I come full circle? Well, I really love the community I’ve created on Instagram but I felt that it was time to revive the blog and offer you an escape from this social media app which can often be an overwhelming place. As a beauty enthusiast I follow lots of other beauty content creators and I am always being bombarded by new launches and products that I think I might need to purchase and review for you. But when it comes down to it, I just want to hear about great products – new or old – and I think you might at times feel the same way.

My wish is for this blog to become a mindful place where I can take my time, without any word limits, to tell you about what I think are great products, people or brands. I’m so glad you’ve joined me here and I look forward to a new chapter of my Instagram + Blog co-existing harmoniously.

– Sanida