Why the Fitglow Lip Colour Serums are the best lip glosses around

There are some products that I use almost every day and have been doing so for years but I realised that I sometimes forget to mention them enough. One of these products is the Lip Colour Serums from US brand Fitglow Beauty. Generally speaking, this brand does not get the credit it deserves. Fitglow have an amazing range of makeup/skincare hybrid products as well as some really beautiful skincare that I’ve used, loved and reviewed in the past. Today I wanted to focus on one of their most well known products. It’s a bestseller for a damn good reason. In my opinion it’s the best lip gloss/serum on the market. I know that’s a big call but I stand firmly by it.

There is nothing that I can compare to the plush, cushiony, smooth feel that this formula provides. It’s not thin or too thick and it’s never sticky. It’s one of those lip products that you apply and close your eyes in absolute ecstasy. This is a very dramatic description and yes I’m aware I’m talking about a lip product here but I said what I said. I also notice an immediate plumping effect that makes the lines on my lips less visible which I’m not going to argue with.

The Lip Colour Serums pack so much goodness into the hydrating and nourishing formula that I actually consider them more of a skincare than makeup investment and let me tell you why. They contain Pomegranate Plant Sterols which help to seal in moisture and provide barrier protection as well as give lips that plump and juicy look. Beet Extract improves circulation which also increases plumpness. There’s vegetable collagen and other cool ingredients like phospholipids which are great emollients. In terms of scent, there is a subtle vanilla flavour but it’s not overpowering and it dissipates.

Fitglow Lip Colour Serum in Beach Glow

When it comes to colours, there are 29 and one clear shade for night time which has some added skincare benefits like ceramides. One of my favourite YouTubers State of Kait absolutely adores this product too and she made a great video a few months back swatching all of the available colours at the time, which I encourage you to watch. There are a few different options in terms of finish, for example opaque colours, those with a bit of shimmer and sheer colours too. I’m also really stoked that they have shades that will suit and show up on darker skin tones which is something that not many lip glosses can achieve.

The fact that I can get colour payoff and skincare benefits makes the Fitglow Lip Colour Serums a worthy investment for me. There are always some floating around in my handbag and I use them like lip balms – the hydration is real. I currently have 3 in my stash plus the Night Lip Serum and I’ll show you the swatches below.

From top to bottom: Clear Night Lip Serum, Au, Koi, Beach Glow

I hope you enjoyed this review and an insight into one of Fitglow Beauty’s bestsellers. If you’re in Perth then you can test these at my favourite local beauty location – Cult Cosmetica. Fitglow are also available at lots of online retailers worldwide.

One thing I do want to mention is that Fitglow Beauty are in that clean beauty category which I find very difficult to stomach. They also reference the Environmental Working Group’s rating on their website next to their products which I find a bit off-putting. However, I do appreciate that they don’t overtly market their products as non-toxic or engage in direct fear mongering.

Don’t forget to check out State of Kait’s video linked below for all of the amazing colour swatches.

– Sanida


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State of Kait’s swatch video.