ODESSE Parfum Solide : a brand overview and founder interview

It’s always so refreshing when I come across a brand that is doing things differently in their beauty category. ODESSE is an Australian fragrance brand that is challenging how we experience fragrance. For ODESSE, it’s all about solid perfumes or as the French would say parfum solide. Most of us are used to the act of spritzing on a fragrance from a bottle but with solid perfumes, this act takes on a more intimate and sensorial experience.

My personal experience with ODESSE started when I purchased what is still my favourite scent – Deep Orchid. There are six fragrance profiles in their range.

Forest Floor – Pear, Melon, Jasmine, Lily.  Magnolia, Peach, Tuberose. Cedar, Blackberry, Plum.

Deep Orchid – Tea, Patchouli, Orchid. Bergamot, Jasmine, Musk. Orange Flower, Freesia, Osmanthus.

Rose Wood –  Mandarin, Strawberry. Jasmine, Rose, Amber. Oak Moss, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Patchouli.

Amber Haze – Melon, Pear, Freesia. Musk, Patchouli, Rhubarb. Amber, Rose.

Winter Field – Blackcurrant, Amber, Pink Pepper. Cinnamon, Vanilla, Clove. Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Resin.

Violet Bloom – Violet, Strawberry, Musk. Blood Grapefruit, Oak Moss & Berries. Sandalwood & Rose.

When the package arrived I was blown away by the luxury experience from the get go. The outer packaging has a fine linear textured white box with ODESSE embossed on the front. Where the lid and base meet there is a small gap which reveals a colour corresponding to the fragrance. I love that each fragrance has its own identifier both with a colour and number. Once you open the lid, you can see the white compact nestled within, with the colour now fully revealed. You lift the compact from the housing and the words “Forget me not.” are printed in the reveal. It’s these small touches that I really appreciate because unboxing a fragrance is all part of the ritual. It makes it feel special.

The compact itself is a weighty, matte white aluminium piece that has ODESSE embossed on the front. The shape of it feels so familiar in the hand with its soft curves and smooth tactility. Once I opened that very first Deep Orchid compact I was surprised at how strongly the scent reveals itself. I didn’t think that a solid perfume could pack that much of a punch.

The act of applying perfume to the pulse points with your fingers is vastly different to what we’re used to. There is an added intimacy to it which is beautiful. The formula is non greasy and the scent lasts for a long time although you will find me reapplying it simply because I love the ritual of it and the compact is very portable, so I can take it with me wherever I go.

You’ve heard from me about my thoughts on ODESSE but I also wanted to get some intel from the brand so I asked the founder a few of my burning questions.

Founder name: Anthony Nasr

Location: Abbotsford in Victoria, Australia

Current playlist: Flying Lotus, Moderat, Tyler The Creator, Radiohead, The Smile and Frank Ocean.

Drink order: Tequila Soda

Personal favourite ODESSE scent: Deep Orchid


Fragrances and memories are so intrinsically linked? Why do you think that is?

This is definitely something that we thought long and hard about when developing our fragrances. I believe fragrances and memories are intrinsically linked because of a primal instinct that helps us determine our emotions, fears, potential danger or threats within a matter of seconds.

Which fragrance did you first fall in love with?

COMME des GARÇONS – Amazingreen. The notes are palm tree leaves, green pepper, ivy, orris, coriander, silex, gunpowder, vetiver and musk.

What were you doing before you started ODESSE and what lead you to where you are now?

ODESSE was started off the success of its brother company Solid State which launched 8 years ago. After spending 10 years in beauty industry I never felt comfortable selling overpriced beauty products that would sometimes contain 80-90% water, especially when I wasn’t using them myself. I thought that there was a gap in the market for great-looking, sustainable products.

Image courtesy of ODESSE.

Why is ODESSE different?

We feel ODESSE is unlike any other brand on the market. Not only is she refillable and plastic-free but she is also luxurious and considered in all things brand and design-oriented. ODESSE was developed after identifying a gap in the market for Australian made, sustainable beauty products that have the aesthetic and functionality of traditional brands and products. 

There is such a huge catalogue of notes and possible combinations that a perfumer can choose from. How did you settle on the notes of the 6 fragrances and do you have plans to add more? 

To develop the ODESSE fragrances, we undertook months of market research to determine the most popular combinations. We plan to release new fragrances this year along with additional product range. 

If ODESSE was a person how would you describe her/him/they?

ODESSE might be celebrated for her risk-taking nature and fun-loving ways, but there’s another side to her as well. She is smart, ambitious, unapologetic and educated when it comes to political and environmental issues. She believes she deserves the best for her future and doesn’t rely on anyone or anything to get it for her.

What were you goals for the packaging design and product experience?

We had two main objectives when developing the ODESSE packaging and product experience. Both had to be plastic free and sustainable but still feel luxurious and expensive.

Image courtesy of ODESSE.

How are ODESSE products more sustainable than traditional perfumes?

There are several reasons why ODESSE is more sustainable than traditional perfumes. Firstly, we don’t use any plastic components and the packaging is refillable and recyclable – right down to the aluminium fragrance pans. We don’t use alcohol or water in the formulation either. All of these factors combined means that ODESSE weighs a fraction of traditional fragrances resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Why is sustainability important to you?

ODESSE believes it’s cool to be kind, especially to the planet. Beauty shouldn’t cost the earth and she won’t stop until she makes her impact on the industry as a whole. 

What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing the fragrance industry today when it comes to sustainability?

I believe that the biggest challenge is how we as consumers actually consume products. If there’s enough of a shift with consumers, then we limit the amount of demand there is. 

Thank you to ODESSE for contributing your thoughts to my blog post. I hope you enjoyed finding out more about this innovative fragrance house.

– Sanida