Styling with JVN Hair

JVN Hair recently launched in Sephora Australia and as a fan of the wonderful delight that is Jonathan Van Ness I found myself purchasing a couple of the products. JVN is a hairdresser and always has beautiful shiny hair – if you’ve watched Queer Eye you will know what I mean. I also love the JVN YouTube channel as it’s full of really helpful tips.

In the past I haven’t been big into haircare and I’ve kept things pretty simple. However, since growing my hair out for the past 12 months and trying to style it a little bit more I’ve definitely grown to appreciate good quality styling products. For reference my hair is dead straight, uncoloured, fine but thick.

The first product I tried was the Complete Instant Recovery Heat Protectant Leave-in Serum which comes in a jar and is designed to protect against heat damage whilst improving hair health over time. The texture is like a face cream but it’s not in the least bit greasy. I scoop it out and distribute it through my mid-lengths first and whatever is left over is distributed through the rest of my hair. I comb it through with a large toothed comb and proceed to dry it.

I’ve tried this product with a really old dodgy hair dryer and also with my new Dyson Supersonic and both achieved soft and silky results (ok the Dyson is a bit better). It smells amazing with a subtle fragrance profile that has amber, cashmere musk, lemon and mandarin. It’s suitable for all hair types and it claims to be especially good for damaged and chemically treated hair, split ends and breakage.

The second product I purchased was the Complete Nourishing Hair Oil Shine Drops. Because I have fine hair I have stayed away from anything containing oil before because it just tends to make my hair greasy and weigh it down. I was grateful to be able to try this in store because I quickly realised that it’s not an oily oil. It feels dry and light-weight so I thought my hair would probably be able to tolerate it.

I’m happy to say that this is the first anti-frizz treatment that hasn’t turned my head into an oil-slick. I’m really impressed and I love that I can just start with one drop and see how my hair responds. Sometimes one drop is all that I need but I can imagine curly or dryer hair types would be able to use more.

When it comes to ingredients in hair care I’m not going to pretend to understand them because it’s just not my forte. What I will say is that these products have ingredients that I’ve seen in skincare which gives me hope that over time they are going to benefit my overall hair health.

I can’t do this review without mentioning the parent company Amyris who are a global “clean beauty” giant and own JVN, Biossance and Rose Inc amongst others. I’m really not a huge fan of clean-speak which Amyris leans into very heavily. Their CEO is aligned with the Environmental Working Group which are known fear mongers. I don’t get the same sort of clean beauty agenda pushing vibes from JVN but it’s something worth noting as I have spoken about my issues with clean beauty in a dedicated blog post before. Read it here if that’s something that interests you.

I have plans to try more from the range once I make room in my cabinet and use up some of my other hair care products. I hope this review of JVN Hair was helpful!

– Sanida xox